S&S sponsors first annual Knuckle Shuffle motorcycle ride and fundraiser bash

knuckle shuffle

Knuckle what?  And what’s a Yuba?

First things first.  The Knuckle Shuffle is a fundraiser for a high school shop class that actually builds choppers.  The purpose of this ride is to raise money for the Kennedy High School Chopper Class in Bloomington, MN.  Every year Kevin “Teach” Baas reaches out to the motorcycle industry to help support his class.  This ride was dedicated to him and his class to ease the burden and keep the chopper class alive! About 300 people joined us for the ride and enjoyed some of the coolest scooters, incredible food, and the best music around.  All bikes were welcome, but this ride was dedicated to the vintage iron and keeping history alive!  This was an old school ride, participants were encouraged to pack their sleeping bag, pack their tent and prepare for a fun weekend.

The ride consisted of two routes to Yuba, one left from The Ole Piper Inn in Lakeville, MN and the other from The Shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both rides converged on Yuba, Wisconsin at the Full Throttle Bar, for a street party, bands, burnouts, and fun.  The next day, a Plant tour of S&S Cycle in Viola, WI was available for ride participants.

Yuba is a small town (pop. 91) in southwest Wisconsin, were their community spirit and love of a good time contributed to the success of the Shuffle.  Motorcycles, food, and great music in a rural setting made for a great event with a relaxed old school atmosphere.  Lot’s of vintage bikes (predominantly knuckles) were ridden from impressive distances to attend the event, proving that the American spirit of adventure is alive and well.  The choice of food was impressive, but the roast pork sandwiches provided by the Yuba fire department were just too good!  Then there was the music.  The Trunk Monkeys from La Crosse, WI started it off at about 4:00 pm followed by the Eric Tessmer Band from Austin TX at 8:00 pm.  Great times!

The event was so successful that event organizer Jeremy Gilbert tells us that over $2800 were raised to support the Kennedy High School Chopper Class!  S&S Cycle is all about having a good time, but supporting education has always been a top priority.  That is especially true of technical education, and if it involves motorcycles, even more so.  As Kevin “Teach” Baas say’s “It’s for the kids!”

A good time was had by all, and plans are underway even now for the second annual Knuckle Shuffle!

Source: S&S sponsors first annual Knuckle Shuffle motorcycle ride and fundraiser bash