Who we are?

We are three guys with very different talents brought together by a common goal. In 2010 Jeremy Gilbert also known as Rodeo had an idea. Take the sleepy little town of Yuba, WI and transform it into a vintage biker oasis for one weekend a year.

He wanted to create a rally without the circus atmosphere, no vendors, no tents selling overpriced t-shirts and all the crap that you find on Lazzal St. in Sturgis. He just wanted a weekend of fun, music, bikes, camping and a general good time. He wanted this rally to have a purpose for the greater good and that’s when he called Kevin “Teach” Baas! He pitched the idea to “Teach”. “Let’s put together a vintage bike rally and donate all the money raised, to the Kennedy High school chopper class.” Kevin said “Hell Yes!” The next step in the master plan was getting the word out. So Rodeo makes a phone call to Corby Bodenburg, who happens to be a very talented web designer as well as graphic designer. The idea was pitched to Corby and he was in. So on June 6th, 2011 the First Annual Knuckle Shuffle kicked off and the town of Yuba, WI was transformed into Hollister 1947, without the riot!


Jeremy Gilbert “The Mastermind”

Facilitator of fun
UW-Stout Graduate


Kevin Baas “The Teacher”

KHS Bloomington, MN – Chopper Class Instructor
Bike builder all around Knuckle head
UW-Stout Graduate


Corby Bodenburg “The Talent”

Bodie Designs, LLC – Independent Contractor
Industrial/Multimedia Designer
UW-Stout Graduate